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Best Moments From My tour 2019 High Season – myTour in Italy

Talking about all the times that we have fun during our tours is almost impossible! It would take more than a blog-post to write about every single moment that we and our clients laughed, sang, and played during the tours and you would get bored! We don’t want to bore you with predictable moments and we have better occasions to write about for sure!

This was such a great season for MY TOUR, and we are more than happy that it made you happy and satisfied. To us is highly important to have fun and we appreciate the good experiences shared by our clients from all around the world.  

We want to make dreams reality, to go through unique experiences. We want to do what other tourism agencies DON’T! We all believe in making our enthusiasm spare around the world, we create tours, and we want to craft tourism in our Italian way!

Let’s take a look at our highlights. To keep it short, we have selected only the best and most important highlights of the season. Let’s start with something romantic.

Love is in the air!

Are you madly in love and are going to ask your partner to marry you? make it happen in Tuscany! Your proposal moment will remain forever in your partner’s mind so it needs to be unique!

A romantic tour in Tuscany with wine and amazing food, makes the perfect atmosphere for a simple and powerful question: Will you marry me? 

Jason chose this special way to ask her girlfriend! It happened during our Chianti Vineyard dinner tour. First, we made it look like a usual dinner with the normal menu and everything that seemed like a usual tour. 

Our couple, Jason and Junila have been together for about 3 years and Jason, thought to make a special surprise to his soulmate. Our team assisted in organizing everything and we are more than happy that everything went as it was planed. We managed to get some true words from Jason and we are sharing them with you! 

Junila and I met at a previous company we both worked for 3 years ago.  Ever since we have grown closer and traveled all over the world. We decided to visit 3 countries (Athens, Italy, and France). We both love wine and the tour happened on her birthday. We were searching the web for tours and quickly learned My Tour offered the most options and best deals when you purchase multiple tours. We knew the Chianti fields were going to be beautiful and the images on My Tour were wonderful – especially with the sunset. Those were the elements that convinced me the day and location would be perfect. Working with the My Tour team has been a pleasurable experience.  They helped coordinate flowers, cake, chocolate, giant card, and overall make the event fun and memorial. We had an amazing time with the tour, host, and especially the other people in the tour. 

Thank you for making the day memorable! 

Jason & Junila”

Well, we really thank Jason and Junila for choosing us and trusting our team. Now time to jump on something more intriguing!

Movie Scenes During Our Vespa Tour!

During this season we had a partnership with Klook, the leading Asian marketplace for tours and activities and we got the opportunity to include one of our best sellers Vespa Tour in Florence in a new Korean TV series coming up in the next months.

It was a great honor for us, we have been chosen for this project among others and we cannot thank Klook enough for this. We are sure that this will be just the beginning of a great, long, stimulating and fruitful collaboration.  Last but not least it was a great and funny experience and we are proud to bring a bit of Italian style in Korean TV.

You can read more about the project HERE. It is always a great pleasure to have special experiences and days like these. It is time to talk about a important event of our company. Keep reading!

Growing great!

One of the moments that we enjoyed the most, was the annual event of our company! This year the event was organized on September 25th in a totally different way!  

This event was organized to remind all the long way we have walked in the past 10 years and to inform everyone about our new project that our company took to heart.

The event took place in Chianti Hills and our guests enjoyed local food, wine, live music, jugglers, a hot air balloon and more. To read all about the event you can check out HERE

We are happy to celebrate our success and now we want to write about something different. We have more to share with you!

My Tour at Fairs – Rimini, London, Lugano and more!

2019 has been just the start of our company going internationally. This year, MY TOUR was part of various fairs and we can say that we have gone beyond our expectations with our participation in the fairs.

 Between the fairs, the most important fairs we participated were TTG Rimini Fair, London Fair, and Lugano.

My Tour presented every year something new in Fairs event, but this time it was something bigger. Our products now are presented all over Italy, not just in Tuscany, now we are My Tour In Italy.

Our first year of operating in the whole of Italy was very successful and we are looking toward other good news. During the fairs, we reached multiple agencies that we find interesting and there is nothing else but to see the future collaborations. My Tour’s prior mission presented this year during the fairs was to grow more and more in Italy!

Work on the process for the next season!

We are happy to finish a successful season with all these important occasions for our company and great possibilities to grow in the future.  My tour is proud to be the first choice of Italy’s visitors for 10 years now! 

The season we left behind has been amazing for our company and we highly appreciate the effort of our employees that made our clients enjoy their moments in every corner of Italy! 

There is nothing better than getting appreciation and the satisfaction of our clients and we are glad to have such helpful teams. We invite every traveler to explore our country, Italy, and get the best memories back home with you!

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