You are currently viewing Chiara Ferragni at Uffizi: curiosity about a star! – myTour in Italy

Chiara Ferragni at Uffizi: curiosity about a star! – myTour in Italy

Have you heard of Chiara Ferragni? She is an Italian influencer and lately, she has been visiting the best places in Italy to promote Italian tourism. One of her choices was Uffizi! This choice of hers made a slight difference in Uffizi visitors. There was a 70% increase in young visitors to the museum.

To guide her around the museum, Eike Schmidt, the director himself accompanied the influencer on a journey of the most famous Renaissance art in the world, the one signed by Botticelli, Da Vinci (and not only these two but others also).

Ferragni has been enchanted by the masterpieces of the Florentine artist for which we are famous all over the world. From Judith’s stories to The adoration of the Magi with the painter’s self-portrait, he admired all the works that made Botticelli the number one name of Made in Italy …
Obviously, there was no shortage of the birth of Venus and La Primavera, the two superstars of painting.

What to expect in the Uffizi Gallery: the artists

Uffizi Gallery: the artists

  • Bottles art

Botticelli (1445-1510) is for sure one of the most representative artists of the Gallery. He was born and raised in Florence, and today his most famous masterpieces are preserved in the same city. His best know artworks are:

Venus birth
Botticelli’s La Primavera
Adoration of the Magi

Check here to see all Boticelli artwork at the Uffizi

  • Leonardo Da Vinci’s room

The Uffizi Gallery opened the new Leonardo Room in July 2018, where visitors can now admire his early works, such as the “Annunciation” and the mesmerizing “Adoration of the Magi”. The paintings are protected behind climate-controlled glass cases that protect the canvases from humidity and heat. You can see them up close and discover them in extraordinary detail. This new arrangement is part of extensive refurbishment works that have been taking place in the world-famous Uffizi Gallery in Florence. Uffizi houses:

The Adoration Of The Magi
The Annunciation
The Baptism Of Christ

  • Other great masterpieces

The Veiled by Raffaello Sanzio
Holy family, called “Tondo Doni” by Michelangelo Buonarroti
Venere de ‘MediciHellenistic art
Il Giardino delle Camelie by Giacinto Maria e Biagio Marmi
Annunciazione e i santi Ansano e Massima by Simone Martini

Facebook and Instagram: Where and to take the best photos of Uffizi Gallery

Where and to take the best photos of Uffizi Gallery

Photos are allowed at the Uffizi since 2014. Visitors can take pictures all around the Uffizi but there are some spots that have been photographed more than the others. Usually, visitors take pictures in front of “The birth of Venus”, “Primavera” – artworks by Botticelli. Da Vinci’s artworks are also the favorite spots for tourists, just like Louvre in Paris, Uffizi is often visited to explore the masterpieces of this artist.

People have also found interesting and worth being photographed the details on the frames, the Hallowed Halls, the red walls. Usually, visitors will take selfies in front of artwork, to show their presence at the Uffizi and also mimic people in the painting to get a funny photo and post it to social media.


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