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Come and find out who works in My Tour offices!

Today we’ll move inside our Sales Team in Florence with Valentina & Francesca


Francesca – Sales Manager

We are introducing you to our Sales Manager, Francesca. She has been working with us for almost 5 years as she started at the beginning of 2015  in a completely different role. In fact, during her studies at the university, she was a tour guide and that was the first step that led her where she is today – and we’re very proud of that!

As Sales Manager she takes care of every relationship with our partners, supervising both the operations and sales department. Her suitcase is always packed and ready to go as she has to attend all the main tourism fairs in Europe and outside, and she has the responsibility of representing us abroad. 

Luckily for us, she is a passionate traveler, happy to pack and unpack her suitcase and a real coffee addicted. She is in love with her job, always enthusiastic and ready to help the team.

Don’t be deceived by her commitment, she also has her dark sides, especially if you get to meet her before 10:00 am, and she didn’t take her first coffee. Trust us, better meet her in the afternoon!


Valentina – Product Manager

Now let’s talk about our Product Manager, Valentina. She is a proud Product Manager, in charge of finding new exciting products in Central – North Italy Area. Basically, she is the one who selects first new interesting experiences, then if these experiences pass the quality check she adds it to our portfolio and new adventures are ready for you to enjoy. 

She has been working with us for almost 5 years, and she grew a lot during this time.  In the beginning, she was in charge of the Check-in Operations and the keywords of that period were: be fast, problem-solving, and absolutely no panic. For sure, we can say that she learned a lot during this time. 

She is a very outgoing person in love with her family and with her baby boy, she loves travelling and simplicity in life and in people. 

Her slogan is “If Nothing goes Right, go Left!” she truly believes that we always have to face life in a positive way.

With her optimism cheers up also the darkest Monday in the Office. 


We are so lucky to have Francesca and Valentina in our Team !

Choose the best Team ever, choose My Tour

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