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Something is happening in our tour.

myTour in Italy StaffToday we would like to share with you an interesting project we took part in. Thanks to the partnership with Klook, the leading Asian marketplace for tours and activities, we got the opportunity to include one of our best sellers Vespa Tour in Florence in a new Korean TV series coming up in the next months. It was a great honor for us, we have been chosen for this project among others and we cannot thank Klook enough for this. We are sure that this will be just the beginning of a great, long, stimulating and fruitful collaboration.  Last but not least it was a great and funny experience and we are proud to bring a bit of Italian style in Korean Tv.

New Series of Lifetime Channel Korea are being shot in our tour Itineraries.

A serial producer from Lifetime Channel Korea was going to film some series in Firenze. The serial is called Half Holiday – Season: Italy and it is about a famous actress in Korea. It will be based on the story of her life. Our guide Lorenzo, reveals that the staff were true professionals, focused on details and hard workers. The series took place in Florence because the city gave memories to the actress.

Lifetime Channel Korea is widely known in eastern Asia, and the channel is now filming a new serial. Since the serial staff wasn’t really familiar with the area, Lorenzo, our guide provided them some information about the filming area.

We don’t want them to be spoiled, so we are keeping the rest of curiosities unrevealed. And yes, we are being tight on details but there is something we would like to share with you.  We captured some moments from their work time and you have to see these, take a look at the below gallery.



We would like to thank again Klook for inviting us to collaborate and being a great partner during all our collaborations. Now, since we are making your curiosity last about the serial, we are moving to reveal some facts about the one who guided the serial staff. Lorenzo is our guide leader that operates in Siena, Tuscany and was chosen to guide our special friends from Lifetime Channel Korea. He has something to say for you in this video.

Meet Lorenzo Amegli

Lorenzo has been working with us for 2 years and besides his professionalism, he always seems enthusiastic and happy to work with tourists and lead them to the best places in the area. He was born and raised in Tuscany, and there is no one else that can show you Tuscany better than him.

He guides in Italian, English, and Spanish. Lorenzo will tell you a lot about art, history and wine for sure, this is what he likes the most. Something he mentioned for you was: “I am looking forward to meeting you guys”, and consider my word, you will have a memorable day together!

Check out our tours from our website and to be more specific, HERE is where you might find Lorenzo guiding. For more photos of our tours, click our gallery and do not miss a thing. Keep reading our blog, there are more interesting stories and staff members coming up!

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