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TTG Fair in Rimini 56th Edition – We Were There!

Have you heard about the TTG fair in Rimini? Probably yes! It is the most important fair in the tourism sector here in Italy. This is its 56th edition and it includes 150 destinations, involving more than 2,500 companies. The fair counts more than 1500 international buyers, for a total attendance of nearly 73,000 visitors and we were there just like 10 years ago!

Every year at the TTG we present our most important new products and project of tourism to Italy and the world. TTG Travel Experience is a high importance Italian fair for the promotion of world-wide tourism on the Italian market and for the marketing of Italian tourism to the world. Read on to find out what’s new!

My tour  – Participating in the TTG for 10 years now

This year, My Tour was there to share the new products that we are now selling around Italy! Our company was represented by the head of operations, Mirko, Massimo and other representatives such as  Francesca, Valentina, Angela, Jona, and Valentino and our stand was the A5-126 Stand.

The key players of the main companies in the sector are present at the Rimini fair: tourism organizations, tour operators, travel agencies, airlines, transport, accommodation, tourism services, technology, and innovative solutions. Two focuses were set in the event of 2019: Be active for the combination of vacation and sport, vacation and movement, in all its forms; Eat experience designed to promote and enhance food and wine as a “tourism product”

TTG Travel Experience

It is a highly specialized fair as it is totally b2b, reserved only for professional operators, thus allowing direct meetings between public and private tourism companies, with leading companies in the sale of national and international tourist products.

The event is part of the Planitsphere platform, The Italian Marketplace for Travel & Hospitality, which brings together the three most important trade fairs in the sector: TTG Travel Experience; SIA Hotel Design, the International Hospitality Exhibition; Sun Beach & Outdoor Style, the Show of Holiday en Plein air, of the Camping and of the Seaside sector.

My Tour were at the TTG as seller but also as buyer!

My Tour presented every year something new during the TTG Fair event, but this time it was something bigger. Our products now are presented all over Italy, not just in Tuscany, now we are My Tour In Italy.

Our first year of operating in the whole Italy was very successful and we are looking toward other good news. During the fair, we reached multiple agencies that we find interesting and there is nothing else but to see the future collaborations. My Tour’s prior mission presented this year during the fair was to grow more and more in Italy. For this reason My Tour were at the TTG as seller but also as buyer!

Valentina as a Product Manager, was our representative as a buyer agent, she has been moving during the whole event to get to meet new collaboration partners. TTG organized the post-Fiera, where the buyers have been brought to the discover Italy, its territories and all that this wonderful country has to offer.

During the post-Fiera, Valentina visited different places in Liguria to explore the area so we can reach new possibilities to organize new tours there.

We work hard because we want to be your choice! We want to be YOUR TOUR IN ITALY!

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