August 11, 2019

Gondola ride to fall in love with Venice

Gondola ride with romantic serenade and dinner

While being in Venice, a gondola ride is something you definitely want to experience. Glide through the enchanting canals of the town just like Venetians of yesteryear with a serenade in a traditional gondola ride.

While sailing through the canals your ears will be pleased by romantic serenades and you can relax by enjoying the view of the amazing and impressive city of VENICE. This city has always grabbed the attention of many visitors. 

You cannot say you have experienced Venice in all its aspects if you have not ridden our Gondola Ride Tour!

A gondolier master will lead the gondola ride down the Grand Canal and into smaller waterways, soak up the sights of the distinct Gothic buildings and arching bridges that make the city so magical. 

You will be floating gracefully into the lagoon, flanked by beautiful arched buildings built in the Venetian Gothic style. 

Float down Venice ‘s most charming canals with our gondola ride.

A gondola ride takes you to explore the cities of Peggy Guggenheim Collection Palace, Accademia Bridge, La Fenice Theatre, Basilica di Santa Maria Della Salute!

The most famous boat in town sails accompanied by musicians singing romantic Italian songs during the ride through the city’s most secret waterways passing under small bridges, through the Grand Canal and the most charming paths of Venice.

Venice, home to amusement!

The charm of Venice is often defined as  “belonging to another world”. While exploring the amazing town of Venice, travelers often say they feel a special atmosphere which seems like a different reality. Peer down alleyways at charming residences and shops, glide past moored private boats, and navigate under small bridges spanning the narrow walkways.Just imagine, how would you feel a city that is situated on a group of 118 small islands, separated by canals and linked by over 400 bridges and decorated with buildings of Venetian Gothic architecture.  Venetian architecture perfectly combines the use of the Gothic lancet arch with the curved ogee arch. If you are passionated to architecture, you definitely have to take The Golden Basilica tour.

Experience Venice in the most Venetian way possible. You can take the Gondola Ride Tour, The Walking Tour or even choose The Absolute Venice Tour. Make sure you don’t leave town without visiting the Doge’s Palace, the Basilica, Pala D’oro or the gems of the lagoon: Murano and Burano.

Mystery, romanticism, nostalgia and originality blend with one another and create a truly special feeling when exploring this town. 

Venice is a very popular tourist destination, an iconic Italian city, and has been ranked the most beautiful city in the world. To this, we must mention that a gondola ride makes Venice unforgettable. A tour like Gondola ride gives you moments where the town seems more than usual a synonym of elegance and joy of this wonderful city nicknamed “la serenissima”

 You will begin the gondola ride, as part of a group of eight different gondolas, with a singer aboard one of the boats. In addition to the song being sung to you, enjoy the sites of Venice’s main landmarks.

At the end of the day, enjoy a traditional Venetian dinner.

As your picturesque gondola ride comes to an end, your gondolier will bring you to a convenient drop-off point. After that, you will enjoy a typical dinner in a Venetian restaurant tasting the typical local food.The Venetian lagoon is home to all kinds of wonderful crustaceans, making Venice the perfect place for seafood lovers.  The traditional Venetian cuisine has always been based on fish, wild game, and any kind of seafood available in the lagoon and the Adriatic sea.

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